Barnett’s Watermaster Gutter Cover

There are so many gutter protection systems on the market, it makes it difficult to pick out which one best meets your needs. Advertising has led people to believe there are systems available that are maintenance free. This simply is not true. All gutter systems may require some type of maintenance.

A gutter system’s most important job is to get water into the gutter and not interfere with draining the gutter. The most effective gutter cover takes advantage of three things water, gravity and wind.

Watermaster takes advantage of the cohesiveness of water by providing water ramps to pull the water under the surface of the cover. This works so well the openings to the ramps can be made small to limit the size of debris that can enter the gutter.  Watermaster’s smooth surface is installed at the same angle as the roof to take full advantage of wind and gravity to shed debris.

Run water both ways over your sample. You will see how effective such small openings are at getting the water under the surface of the cover while still limiting the debris that can get in. Please note the front lip of the cover is about the same width as the front lip of a standard gutter and is located below the last row of water ramps. Rain landing on this lip does not go into the gutter.

Our gutter cover is installed in four-foot sections. It is manufactured from .027 aluminum gutter coil. One side is slid under the roof and the lip is fastened to the front of the gutter with stainless steel screws.

We have designed a valley controller to handle the large amout of water and debris that collect in valleys. It is manufactured by our sister company, Barnetts Valley Controller.

A common characteristic of covers and screen not usually explained to the homeowner are icicles. No gutter cover affects how much ice is formed. All covers have a direct effect on where it is formed, without covers water refreezes in the gutter, with covers water refreezes on the front lip area of the cover.

If the debris is just leaves, we can also install a leaf screen.

On many homes, Watermaster covers never requires any maintenance. On some homes it may be necessary for the homeowner at some point to brush or hose some areas on the top of the cover. If the inside of the gutter ever needs cleaning, we will take care of it.

We designed this product. We manufacture this product. We believe in this product.  We put our name on this product.




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